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What's going on?

21st - 25th march 2018
Camellia festival in Locarno
Camelia - Hotel Garni Golf
Camellia concerts
International Festival of antique music
Concerts - Hotel Garni Golf
Ascona Music Festival
wonderful Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Schumann concerts either in the Church in Ascona or Locarno

Music festival Ascona - Hotel Garni Golf
11th  - 13th May 2018

Antique market "Brocante" in Locarno
18th - 21st May 2018
Streetartists festival in Ascona
12th - 26th Mai 2018
Festival Ruggero Leoncavallo in Brissago
May 2018
Free night "Notte bianca" in Locarno
21st - 30th June 2018
Jazz Festival Ascona
July  2018
Vallemaggia Magic Blues in the valley
July 2018
Moon & Stars Locarno
July 2018
Polo Cup in Ascona
July 2018
Longines CSI Ascona
July 2018
Summer night festival "Luci e ombre" in Locarno
August 2018
Film Festival in Locarno
4th September -
17th October 2017
Musicweeks "Settimane musicali" in Ascona
7th and  14th  October 2017
Chestnuts festival on the Piazza in Ascona
End of November -
begin of January
Locarno on Ice on the Piazza Grande
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